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We build awesome donation apps that enable you to raise money for your cause.

About Us

Unlike Jim Stark, who was a rebel without a cause, Donor Launch was founded with individuals and organizations “with a cause” in mind. We exist to provide mind-blowing web applications for individuals and organizations to raise the necessary funds toward their cause. Our goal is to help everyone, not only meet their fundraising needs, but smash them in the face! If you have an insurmountable fundraising goal in front of you, contact us today so we can start creating a customized application that will make your efforts fun and magnanimous!

 Custom Web Applications

We create customized web applications that are specific to your cause. Whether you are selling keys on a piano to raise cash for a brand new Steinway & Sons grand piano or asking individuals to select a gift box with your preferred gift amount to raise money for your cause; Donor Launch can make a web application that will engage your prospects and compel them to give.

 Online Payment Services

We provide low cost credit card processing that does not require a contract or minimum processing amount from you. This makes it extremely easy for you to receive donations that would be otherwise difficult to collect by tracking down that one guy who “never has his checkbook”. Also, by using our low cost credit card processing, it helps you keep the maximum amount of donations toward your cause. Remember our goal is to help everyone, not only meet their fundraising needs, but exceed them!

 Business Solutions

If your organization has some basic business needs to help you move forward and be top notch, we can help. Our technical team has a vast experience to help you establish online giving on your existing website or create a complete website solution for you. We can even host your organization’s email and provide customized email addresses.

Why Credit/Debit Transactions?

Every year Credit/Debit card transactions are on the rise. Each year our world is using less and less cash. A study provided by Mastercard states that 80% of transactions in the U.S. are cashless. Is your fundraising campaign centered around cash? How much money are you missing out on? Contact us today to find out how you can begin accepting card payments.

2011 POS Transactions





Check/Gift Cards



Custom Web App


Starting AtWe’ll create a customized web application that is unique to your cause. We also can include the ability to auto-generate receipts, integrate with social media platforms so your donors can tell their friends, analytics on traffic to the web application, and integrate with your current website.

Credit Card Fees

3.9% + .30¢

Per Successful Transaction

Our credit card processor charges 2.9% + .30¢ for every successful transaction with absolutely no monthly fees, no contracts, no refund costs, and no hidden fees. In addition, Donor Launch will charge a small 1% fee for each successful transaction. Please make sure to keep this in mind when creating your fundraising goal.



Every Two Business Days

You can be sure to get the money that is raised in a timely manner. Since Donor Launch does not receive any funds that you work so hard to raise, our credit card processor will deposit your money directly into a preferred bank account. We’ll send you our simple online form to get you set up for success.

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